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Help & FAQ

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Some email providers have sensetive junk mail settings and will filter all automated emails.

Please check your junk mail folders if you cant see any emails from us in your inbox.

If you’ve lost your ticket, don’t panic! You can download and reprint your tickets anytime from our website.

To get a new copy of your ticket, go to the user control panel, look in the ‘My Tickets’ category, and click the download and print your tickets icon.

Physical Tickets
If you have lost your physical mail order ticket, we can send you a digital copy, which you can download, print, and use as a replacement.

To email us, visit the contact page here: http://www.undergroundtickets.net/cat/6/contact-us


All orders received before 5 p.m. are dispatched via Royal Mail first class to your specified delivery address. We allow up to 48 hours for delivery, which is why the mail order option is only available up until 2 days before the event.

In the event of Royal Mail not being able to deliver your tickets due to a busy time of year or a postal strike, we are able to send you an emergency digital copy of your ticket, or arrange for you to collect your ticket from the venue door on the night of the event.

We apologise for any late tickets. This is very unlikely to happen, but if it does, it’s beyond our control and down to Royal Mail.

To email us about mail order delays, visit the contact page here: http://www.undergroundtickets.net/cat/6/contact-us

After purchasing an e-ticket, you will be given the option to download and print a copy at the confirmation page (stage 4 of the shopping cart process).

A copy of your e-ticket will also be sent to your email address with the subject ‘Ticket Email Copy’.

All E-Tickets that you buy are stored and saved on our website. You can access them via your user control panel. To find them, simply look in the ‘My Tickets’ category, then click the ‘download and print your tickets’ icon.

Yes! You are able to see all your previous order transactions via the user control panel. Look in the ‘My Tickets’ category and click the ‘See all previous ticket transactions’ icon.

When ordering a ticket from our website, you have two delivery options:

  1. To download an e-ticket instantly
  2. Have a physical ticket sent via Royal Mail to your chosen delivery address

Both ticket formats are explained below.

What’s an E-Ticket? (ticket download)An electronic ticket (commonly abbreviated as e-ticket) is a ticket with a unique reference code generated by our computer system.

Unlike traditional paper tickets (physical tickets), an e-ticket exists only as a digital record and can be purchased up until 8 p.m. on the day of an event.

How to Use an E-Ticket
The event organiser and venue have a list of all e-tickets purchased; your name and unique reference code will be with the door staff who will cross-reference your e-ticket with their sales list.

E-Ticket Download Options
Your e-ticket will be available instantly after completing the checkout process and submitting payment. When you reach the ticket confirmation stage, you will be given an option to see your e-ticket and download a copy.

All your tickets are saved and stored in your user control panel in the ‘My Tickets’ category. A copy of your e-ticket will also be sent to your email account in case a backup copy is needed.

*If you are unable to print out your e-ticket, you can make a note of your unique reference code and present it to the event door staff along with your full name to gain entry.

Physical Ticket (traditional paper tickets sent in the post)
For those who prefer to have traditional paper tickets for events, we offer the option to have tickets sent in the post via Royal Mail.
Using our ticket printing machines, we provide secure event tickets printed on watermarked paper. Like all e-tickets, physical paper tickets have a unique reference code to be checked in with the event door staff.

This option is available up until 2 days before the event. We need to leave a time frame of 48 hours to allow for postage delay. Make sure you order in advance if you require a physical ticket sent via the post.

Yes! If you make a note of your ticket reference code and give it to the door staff at the event, you will be able to gain entry.

Event organisers have a list of all tickets sold from our website and will be able to find your name, reference code, and cross-check your details.

*You can make a note of your reference code on your mobile, on paper, etc.


If you have purchased several tickets under your name, but you can’t arrive in a group together, you can all still gain entry.

Make sure the late arrivals have a copy of your e-ticket or just the reference code and the name of the ticket holder with them.

Explain to the door staff that not all ticket holders are present, but the others will be arriving shortly and will have a reference code and your name to cross-check with the ticket list.